Monday, 5 March 2012

Why Chris Paul Has The Edge Over Than Derrick Rose

The NBA is currently stacked with talented point guards, including Deron Williams, Rondo, Nash, Parker, Westbrook and many others. The best two point guards though, without much dispute, are Derrick Rose and Chris Paul. I recently did a poll asking who was better between the two point guards and the results were 47% voted for Chris Paul and 53% voted for Derrick Rose. I decided to figure out myself who was better between the point guards. Here's the comparison in all the main aspects of being a point guard.
Chris Paul: Career Stats: 18.7 ppg -- .472 FG% -- .365 3P%
Chris Paul is a pass first point guard. Paul has the ability to score with his very good jumper and ability to drive, but he isn't as aggresive as he could be. When Paul chooses to he can be a huge scoring threat, but often he feels his team will do better if he passes instead of shoots, so he doesn't shoot as much as he should. Paul has the ability to take over games with his very underrated scoring ability.
Derrick Rose: Career Stats: 21.1 ppg -- .468 FG% -- .312 3P%
Derrick Rose is unbelievable at driving in the lane. He consistently cuts past defenders to the basket, and either gets fouled, makes the shot or passes it out. The only problem with Rose's game is his long distance shooting. His shooting has improved over the last few seasons, and he is now a threat to hit 3's, but is still not making them as consistently as he needs to. Rose is a very aggressive scorer, and is allways looking for the bucket.
Analysis: Chris Paul is a better shooter than Rose, but Rose is much better at driving to the hoop. Rose affects games more with his scoring and is much more aggressive on the scoring end. Rose's outside shooting has improved, and if he could become a more consistent shooter from outside he would become nearly impossible to stop. Chris Paul could put up the amount of points Rose puts up if Paul took more shots, but Paul often chooses to pass instead. Rose's aggressiveness and driving ability gives him the edge over Paul's pass first attitude about scoring.
Score: 10-8 Rose
Chris Paul: Career Stats: 9.8 apg-- 2.5 turnovers per game 
Last season the Clippers were 32-50, this year they're 22-13. The reason for that is Chris Paul, but mostly Chris Paul's passing ability. Paul has an uncanny ability to find the open man, and even averaged more then 10 assists a game twice with a fairly untalented Hornets team. Paul makes the players around him better by consistently getting them open looks, and has been in most opinions the leagues best passer over the last five years.
Derrick Rose: Career Stats: 6.8 apg -- 2.9 turnovers per game
Derrick Rose is a good passer, but he's not a Chris Paul caliber passer . He has never averaged more than 8 assists while playing on a very talented Bulls team. Rose gets a lot of assists by driving and dishing the ball out at the last second, which can also be very risky and cause turnovers. Rose has improved his passing throughout his career, and if he can continue to improve his passing at the rate it's improving he'd become one of the best passers in the league.
Analysis: Paul has established himself as one of the best passers in the league, probably the best, while Rose is still trying to improve his passing. Paul plays a pass first version of pg, while Rose plays a more aggressive scoring style, which really affects their assist rates. Paul has gotten more assists and less turnovers with a less talented Hornets team then Rose has had with a very talented Bulls team. Overall Paul's ability to consistently find the open man and make his teammates better without turning the ball over gives him the edge over Rose.
Score: 10-7 Paul
Chris Paul: Career Stats: 2.4 steals per game -- 0.1 blocks per game -- 104 defensive rating
Chris Paul throughout his whole career has been at the top of the steals leaders for that year. Paul is a master at picking the pocket of the opponent and using that to turn defense into offense. His 2.4 career steals per game is absolutely remarkable, and he's even had two years where he was very close to 3 steals per game. Paul has lead the league in steals 3 times, and has proved that he's one of the hardest point guards in the NBA to score on.
Derrick Rose: Career Stats: 0.9 steals per game -- 0.4 blocks per game -- 107 defensive Rating
 Derrick Rose's stats may not look too impressive but he is actually a very good defensive stopper. Rose is very quick which helps him stay in front of his man and not let opponents drive by him. Rose is great at stopping players when driving to the basket, and when they're isolation situations, but when the player starts running off picks and shooting Rose struggles to close out on the shooters. Rose plays for one of the best defensive teams in the NBA, so when Rose's defense is struggling he hears about it from teammates, and from defensive coach Tom Thibodeau.
Analysis: Chris Paul and Derrick Rose are very different types are defenders. Paul is known for being one of the best defensive point guards in the league, with his ability to pick his opponents pockets and get big steals. Rose is great at defending players like himself who are often driving to the hoop, but struggles to guard players who are great shooters. Paul's stealing ability gives him the big edge in this category.
Score: 10-7 Paul
Chris Paul: Career Stats/ Achievements: 21.9 ppg, 11.1 apg in playoffs -- .539 reg. season win % -- .474 playoff win %
Plain and simple, Chris Paul is a leader. He's one of the most vocal players to ever play point guard, and if you watch him during the game he is ALWAYS talking. Communication is a big part of basketball and Paul is the master at communication. Whether on offence, defence, or on the bench he's allways directing traffic and telling people where they should go and why while congratulating them. Paul is also a very competitive player, and is has shown that with his clutch ability. Paul has been one of the most underrated clutch performers in the NBA, and has hit various game winners throughout his career.
Derrick Rose: Career Stats/ Achievements: 25.2 ppg, 7.3 apg in playoffs -- .585 reg. season win % -- .464 playoff win %
Derrick Rose is also a leader, but a different kind of leader. Rose doesn't lead with his talking like Paul does and instead leads with his actions. Rose has been a huge part of his teams winning, and his many clutch performances have been his way of leading.
Analysis: The playoff and reg. season win percentages for both players have been pretty equal, and have been pretty average. Though their teams haven't found enormous success in the post season, it certainly hasn't been their faults. Both Paul and Rose improved their assists and points once the playoffs came around, and both players were the reason their teams even made the playoffs. Both Paul and Rose are leaders, though in different ways, and both players have yet to make it past the Conference Finals.
Score: 9-9 Tie

37-33 Chris Paul


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  3. Hey sir dunk your head, have you even seen all the head to head match ups between Rose and Paul? Rose always seem to make Paul look average!!!

  4. What about the fact that Rose is 3 years younger, has won an MVP, and been to the conference finals? Conveniently forgot those. Obvious bias.

    1. that mvp shouldve belonged to kd. more points, rebounds, blocks, steals. basically everything except assists, which rose only had 3 more of a game

    2. When was the last time a player on a 4 seed got an MVP? Don't worry I'll wait. Exactly, Rose put up historic numbers last year.

  5. Paul has had a better career but rose was better last year, and they are pretty equal this year
    Paul's not MUCH better

  6. Scoring:
    10-8 Rose

    10-8 Paul Rose is top ten in APG.

    10-9 Rose Rose can shut his guy down. Paul gets steals, but nothing else he doesn't have the lateral mobility to stop PG's.


    9-7 Rose Rose has led his teams to the playoffs every year.

    38-36 ROSE

  7. So why the clippers lost more than 2 time more games than the Bulls