Thursday, 22 March 2012

Casey Mack -- The Man Who Completely Predicted Linsanity

The greatest part of Jeremy Lin's story was that it was completely unexpected. Lin came seemingly out of nowhere to quickly become one of the biggest sports stars in the world . No one saw it coming. Coaches, analysts, owners, reporters, writers, no one. Except for Casey Mack. 

From August of 2010 to March of 2011 Casey Mack was a writer for the website The 8th of the 35 articles that Casey wrote for was a historic one. It was proof that linsanity was in fact predicted. In Casey's article, "The Warriors Have The Next Steve Nash On Their Roster", he talked about how Lin could turn out to be a very special player. He wrote this article before Lin had played an NBA game (written in September 2010), and much of what Mack predicted has been remarkably accurate. Here are the main predictions from the article, and how they've really turned out.

Prediction: "Each [Nash and Lin] is a blur in the open court, with great vision and dependable pull-up jumpers.".... "By always keeping his options open with the ball in play, Nash creates extra time and space for himself and for his teammates to get open and get buckets. I think that knack for keeping his dribble is what will translate into Nash-type success for Lin more than anything."

The Truth: That prediction could not have been more correct. All the comparisons that were made between Nash and Lin's game were because they both have amazing quickness, vision, a dependable pull-up jumpers and the ability keeping his dribble alive. Those things are what have made Lin such a great player. Lin's ability to keep his dribble alive gives his teammates time to get wide open and get easy buckets has also been a huge part of his game, just as Casey suggested it would be.

Prediction: "If Lin can keep his handle up to par and keep that chip on his shoulder until the right opportunity comes along, the double-doubles are sure to come for this Asian-American sensation."

The Truth: The right opportunity wasn't the Warriors, wasn't the Rockets, it was the Knicks. Once again the prediction was correct.

Prediction: "Just like Nash, Lin didn't hone his skills at a college basketball powerhouse. Just like Nash, he is a minority in the game who has had to prove himself at every step in the process and plays with a perpetual underdog chip on his shoulder."

The Truth: Everything mentioned, his Harvard education and Asian background have been the reason he's been overlooked, and has been the reason he's been able to fight through adversity and find success.

Casey Macks must have seemed insane at the time it was written, but now it seems genious. Here's a link to the full article:

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  1. He made those predictions before Lin's awful play with the Warriors though.