Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NBA Players Draft Round 1 -- All Players Eligible

Every year kids from college are drafted into the NBA. Here's what the draft order would look like if GM's got to draft anyone in the NBA, not just college players. (These teams would be drafting these players to their team for many years to come, not just this year)
1. LeBron James (SF) -- Some question how clutch he is, some question his competitiveness, but no one questions that LeBron is the best overall player in the NBA. He's more valuable to a team than anyone else.
2. Dwight Howard (C) -- Dwight Howard single handedly makes his team one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. He also has eight 20 point 20 rebound games this season. He's tough to turn down.
3. Kevin Durant (SF) -- Kevin Durant is the best scorer in the NBA. He's won the scoring title the last two years, and is just 23. The only reason he's third and not first in this draft is that the two players above him are much better defenders than he is.
4. Derrick Rose (PG) -- Derrick Rose has not peaked yet, which is unbelievable for a player that has already won an MVP. He may not be the best point guard in the NBA right now (Chris Paul) but he's just 23 and is still improving. Imagine how good he's gonna be when he peaks...
5. Chris Paul (PG) -- As mentioned Chris Paul is arguably the best point guard in the NBA right now. He's behind Rose though because he's three years older and isn't going to improve as much as Rose will in the future. Paul does have a huge impact on a team though, a perfect example is the LA Clippers.
6. Blake Griffin (PF) -- Blake Griffin's upside is enormous. His offensive game is currently very raw, yet he still averages 21.2 ppg this year. When Griffin learns learns how some good post moves and gets his jumper more consistent, NBA watch out. Also no one sells tickets quite like Blake Griffin which is very important to some struggling franchises.
7. Dwayne Wade (SG) -- Wade falls back to no. 7 because of age and injuries. He's been struggling with a number of injuries this season, which has resulted in inconsistent play. Also Wade is 7 years older than Griffin Rose and Durant, so why pick Wade over those guys?
8. Kobe Bryant (SG) -- Sadly the great Kobe Bryant is getting old (well... basketball old). At 33 no one know how many more great seasons he's going to have. He may be getting old, but it doesn't seem to be affecting his scoring. He's a great scorer and shooter, and will likely be able to put up the amazing numbers he's currently putting up for at least the next 3 years. Kobe is a great leader, and when crunch time comes there's no one in the NBA who's I'd rather have.
9. Russel Westbrook (PG) -- Russel Westbrook is insanely athletic, and can do things at the point guard position that no one else can. The downside is that he's often criticized for shooting too much and not passing to the other star his team, Kevin Durant. If Westbrook is on a team that fits his playing style, he could become a point guard very similar to Derrick Rose.
10. John Wall (PG) -- Similar to Blake Griffin, John Wall has incredible upside. A change of scenery and a new system could turn this much hyped no.1 overall pick into the best point guard in the NBA.
11. Demarcus Cousins (PF) 
12. Andrew Bynum (C)
13. Deron Williams (PG) 
14 Kevin Love (PF)
15. Carmelo Anthony (SF)
16. Al Jefferson (C)
17. Rajon Rondo (PG)
18. Roy Hibbert (C)
19. Ricky Rubio (PG)
20. Kyrie Irving (PG)
21. Rudy Gay (SF)
22. Pau Gasol (PF)
23. Tony Parker (PG)
24. Brandon Jennings (PG)
25. Tyreke Evans (PG/SG)
26. LaMarcus Aldridge (PF)
27. Steve Nash (PG)
28. Paul Pierce (SF)
29. Dirk Nowitski (PF)
30. Monta Ellis (PG/SG)


  1. you're an idiot

    1. Derrick Rose being worse than Chris Paul (overrated), Kobe being 8 in building for the future because he is too old if teams were drafting now, Steve Nash at 29 (he's old, a liability on defense), Jennings is not that good...

    2. I personally believe that right now Chris Paul is better than Derrick Rose, although it's very close. Also I do agree that in the future Rose will be better. Although Kobe's getting old his impact is still huge and he could still bring a team a championship. With Nash he's leading the league in assists, and has at least 3 more years in him. He's leading a team of Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley to an above .500 record. He's still really good. And with Jennings he's improved every season and has a lot of upside.

  2. Dirk 29th?? cmon....

    1. Then explain the rankings for Kobe, Nash and Pierce?

      Blake Griffin at 6th? You've mistaken highlight reels for sound basketball skills. Blake has no 1/2-court game and can't shoot very well.....again, check out some of the advanced stat sites. Your rankings are a joke.

    2. Kobe is so high because he's still one of the best shooters in the NBA. He's the same age as Dirk, but throughout his career has been MUCH better than Dirk. Blake Griffin at 6 because he's very raw and still averages 21 points. When he learns how to really score he's going to be incredible. Also for places that need to fill the seats, he's the guy. For Nash, he's still the best passer in the NBA, is the best possible mentor for a young pg, and makes all his teammates better like no one else can. Nowitski is a good player, but he gets slightly overrated because of his finals performance. He's a good player, who's getting old, and had an insanely good finals.

    3. It's only your perception that he had an "insanely good" finals. His Final performance....was exactly the same as his overall playoff averages (25.9PPG / 10.4 RPG career). In other words, he performed the same as he did throughout 124 games. Which, is right in line with his career averages (23, 8).

      Also Dirk is shooting 46.5% this year, compared to Kobe's 42.8%, so it's a bit ridiculou to say Kobe's "one of the best shooters" and dismiss Dirk.

      It all seems pretty random, and just your opinion without much research. What basis is there to say Nash is "best possible mentor for a young pg"? Also, Griffin may never "learn how to really score"; some guys do, some don't. He's a terrible free throw shooter, meaning when playoff crunch time comes he's a LIABILITY compared to someone like Kobe / Dirk, who become practically automatic at those points. Nothing you write seems to take these things into consideration.

    4. I see where your coming from, and agree on some of the points. With Dirk his play is declining. The last 3 years his ppg has been going down, unlike Kobe's. I know Kobe shoots too much, (see my Kobe is overrated post) but when crunch time comes, or playoff time, I would take Kobe over Dirk, and I'm sure you would too. With Griffin it's all about upside. Let's say you pick up Griffin. Worst thing that can happen is he shoots 50% free throws, doesn't improve his offensive game. He would still score 22 points and get 12 rebounds. The best thing that can happen is he figures out his free throw problem (because he can shoot a jumper), and learns how to play in the post. That would make him one of the best pf's ever. With Nash his coaches and teammates always rave about the type of leader and mentor he is.

  3. Kevin Love would without a doubt be drafted in the top ten. Certainly over john wall, they are basically the same age and Love is already the best PF in the league and a top-five MVP candidate.
    Fun list though, nice work.

    1. Thanks. The only reason I didn't put him there is because his upside isn't too big. The stats he puts up are amazing, but he's never been to the playoffs, and has barely had a record over .500.

    2. Wait... he is the best PF in the league... what do you mean he doesn't have upside? You don't need it when you are playing the best at your position. Wall's teams have been worse Love's...

    3. Blake Griffin has been to the playoffs? DeMarcus Cousins has been to the playoffs? John Wall has been to the playoffs? None of those three has the complete game of Love and are anywhere near carrying their team like he has. Just remember this about Love, his team has been in the nuclear winter of change the past few years and he has steadily improved every year.

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  4. I'm LMAO at the two posts I've seen on this blog. Dirk 29th? Behind the likes of Brandon Jennings? And using blocks / steals to make the case that some player is the "best" at something? Unbelievably simple and naive...spend a few minutes and familiarize yourself with NBAReference or any of the dozens of sites out there dedicated to advanced basketball statistics. Seriously lame.

  5. How is Kobe 8th on this list? I don't get it... Other than that great blog. Check out mine washingtonsportsdaily.blogspot.com

    1. thanks a lot, I checked out your blog and it looks good. I put Kobe 9th because unlike guys like pierce and dirk kobe's production has gone up this year. He should have at least 4 more solid years, and makes a team automatic playoff teams and likely playoff contenders those seasons. Also there's no player I'd choose over Kobe at crunch time.

    2. Kobe does not perform that well at crunch time, all of the research shows that. His "production" has only gone up because he has been horribly selfish, the team would have a better record if he would allow the offense to flow through their bigs, they are much more efficient when they do that.

  6. This is a joke..no way Dirk can be 29 on this list. Demarcus Cousins ahead of Dirk? This guy has to be an idiot.

    1. Dirk is a great shooter. Not a great defender, rebounder or passer. He's 33, and his production has been going down the last couple years. That's my reasoning for his ranking.
      With Demarcus Cousins he's a very good scorer, and is one of the best NBA rebounders in just his 2nd season. His upside is huge, and he'd give a team more production in the future than Dirk (who will retire while Cousins is still playing).

  7. Roy Hibbert would be the 18th pick! Are they drafting only centers?

  8. Picking someone to build around... and you have rubio over irving? i mean i love rubio and all, but irving is dragging cleveland to the playoffs. Rubio is just a highlight machine, no substance

    and i agree, if you are having age as a factor, Kobe should be way lower. He's putting up a ton of numbers now, but he's taking more attempts, and getting to the line less.

    also where's steph curry, josh smith, al horford, greg monroe, eric gordon, bosh, brook lopez, and iggy. All of them i'd rather have than kobe (youth, scarcity of position, skill, effect on both sides of the court)