Sunday, 11 March 2012

Why Nash Could End Up in Orlando Next Season

According to CBS sports and Sports Illustrated during Dwight Howard's weeks of indecision about whether to re-sign in Orlando or not he asked the Orlando Magic front office to pursue 38 year old 2 time MVP Steve Nash.
Both Nash and Howard stayed with their respective teams, but a Nash to Orlando move could be in the horizon. This summer Nash is a free-agent. He has stated that he wants to win a title right now, and that he won't be returning to the Suns if their isn't significant improvement to their roster (which isn't likely). Nash would be a very good fit in Orlando, with a team similar to Phoenix just many, many times better. Just like phoenix the Magic are a team of sharp shooters, and have a dominant center. Nash would fit in right away, and would likely take this team from a mediocre playoff team to a serious title contender. 
Nash has averaged the most assists per game in the NBA thus far, and has made guys like Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat look spectacular (though Gortat is pretty good). Nash's passing ability and Howards finishing ability would make them a 1-2 punch no defense would want to play against.
The team Nash ends up with will be a big part of this years off season, and Orlando seems like the best possible fit for the future hall of famer. 


  1. fuckin bullshit.

  2. like I wrote, it was reported by sports illustrated and cbs sports

  3. Why would the Suns do this trade ... ever? Think about it for half a second -- PHX has cleared tons of cap space to make a run at a big name (i.e. Howard) this off-season. If Howard really wants to play with Nash, he can simply wait until summer and sign with the Suns in free agency. As a citizen of Planet Orange, I could only hope ...