Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Dwight Trade That Will See Nash in Toronto

Firstly I would like to say if you have a reason why this trade couldn't or wouldn't happen, please comment and tell me. The above is a trade that I think could, and should be done before the trade deadline. Most of the players involved in this trade have been involved in trade rumors and are unhappy in their current surroundings. This four team trade would really affect all these teams, but all in a good way. Each team is recieving 3 players, and each team is recieving players they need to be a contender in the future. This trade would work with the salary cap, and is a trade these teams should all consider to make them better. Here's how the trade would go down:

LA Lakers Receive: Dwight Howard (C) Andrea Bargnani (C/PF) Jamal Magloire (C)
LA Lakers Trade Away: Pau Gasol (PF) Andrew Bynum (C)

Analysis: This trade would instantly make the Lakers one of the main contenders in the West. Kobe's scoring ability matched with Howards inside presence and Bargnani's amazing shooting would be absolutely lethal. Howard and Bargnani would be an upgrade from Bynum and Gasol, which is mainly why the deal would be done. Also although the Lakers would not receive one of their main needs, a point guard, this trade would still make their team a lot better.

Orlando Magic Receive: Andrew Bynum (C) Jose Calderon (PG) Michael Redd (SG)
Orlando Magic Trade Away: Dwight Howard (C) Jameer Nelson (PG) J.J. Redick (SG)

Analysis: This deal is a dream come true for the Magic. They get an upgrade at the point guard spot going from Nelson to Calderon, and although they trade away the best center in the league they get the second best center in the league in return. The Magic would mainly do this deal because they know if they don't trade Dwight now he would most likely sign somewhere else during the summer and the Magic would get nothing in return.

Phoenix Suns Receive: Pau Gasol (PF) Jameer Nelson (PG) Justin Harper (C/PF)
Phoenix Suns Trade Away: Steve Nash (PG) Marcin Gortat (C) Michael Redd (SG)

Analysis: It's no secret that the Suns are looking to rebuild after this season. Pheonix has actually done pretty well this year, but it's all thanks to Steve Nash. Nash is getting old and there is currently no good option at backup point guard (Sebastian Telfair is not a good option) which is a large worry for the Suns. This trade would bring in a point guard who could be a solid player for many years to come, and also brings in Pau Gasol who could really thrive if given more touches then he currently gets with the Lakers.

Toronto Raptors Receive: Steve Nash (PG) Marcin Gortat (C) J.J. Redick (SG)
Toronto Raptors Trade Away: Andrea Bargnani (C/PF) Jose Calderon (PG) Jamal Magloire (C)

Analysis: The team that would be the most hesitant to pull the trigger on this trade would be the Raptors. They would be giving up their two best players, and receiving a 38 year old Nash as the main prize in return. I think this deal would be very smart for the Raptors though. This trade would turn the Raptors into a much younger and more skilled version of the current Suns, which could be a contender. Also Nash would be a perfect mentor for Jerryd Bayless, who is a great scorer just struggles at sharing the ball, and who would eventually turn into the Raptors starting point guard. This trade would turn the Raptors into an instant playoff team, and would give them a lot of hope for the future. Also Nash might want to be part of the Raptors to end his carer because he's from Canada, and because the Raptors have a good upcoming team.

New Starting Fives: In my opinion all these starting fives are improved from the current starting fives.

Orlando Magic:
PG: Jose Calderon
SG: Jason Richardson
SF: Hedo Turkoglu
PF: Ryan Anderson
C: Andrew Bynum

Los Angelas Lakers:
PG: Derrick Fisher
SG: Kobe Bryant
SF: Metta World Peace
PF: Andrea Bargnani
C: Dwight Howard

Phoenix Suns:
PG: Jameer Nelson
SG: Grant Hill
SF: Jared Dudley
PF: Pau Gasol
C: Channing Frye

Toronto Raptors:
PG: Steve Nash
SG: J.J. Redick
SF: Demar Derozan
PF: Amir Johnson
C: Marcin Gortat


  1. how'd you make that

  2. I can give you a reason why the trade can't ever happen. because Dwight has made it clear that he will NOT sign an extension with LA if traded there.

    so they would be giving up both bigs for a rental.

    would you take that risk?

    doubt it

  3. J.J. Redick starting at SF? Have you lost your mind? The guy is 6'4" and weighs 190. There's NO WAY he would start, let alone play the 3 spot.

    1. Steve the douchebag12 March 2012 at 18:55

      it says SG u dumbfuck

  4. What are you smoking???? Give up Howard for Bynum????? Give up Gortat & Nash for a 31 yo Gasol????? The rest of the players are just window dressing.....I've wasted enough time here.

  5. The way Bynum's playing, is it really worth giving up both himself and Gasol for a Dwight Howard who may not even resign? As for the Suns and Raptors, I don't think those changes are worth it, and leave them with little chances to trade and rebuild if needed.

    The only team that wins something here is Orlando, which gets a great center of the future, and a really good playmaker, gets rid of Nelson, and only has to give up Howard who will likely not resign anyway.

  6. i actualy like the d howard and bargani combo everything else looks fine EXCEPT the suns they are trying to rebuild after this season so why do they want gasol?

  7. how does it help the lakers at point guard
    or at all

    1. It does't but the Lakers would dominate with howards inide presence and bargnani's shooting ability

    2. The same way the Magic are dominating with howards inide presence and Ryan Andersons shooting ability..?

    3. Barganis better than anderson though, and anderson and howard do work together

      bargnani howard and kobe would dominate

  8. I don't see why Toronto would do this deal:
    1) 2011 Draft pick Jonas Valanciunas will be here to play center next year, still have Ed Davis and Amir, why would we want Gortot.

    2) Andrea's offensive game is expanding with Bosh gone, he will never be a #1 option but trading him for Gortot is silly. Play him beside Jonas/Davis and see what we have.

    3) Reddick is a SG, and Demer Darozn plays SG for Toronto...

    4) I'd consider Nash for Jose I guess, neither can play D. But Nash is about to retire so 1-2 years from now we don't have a PG?

  9. 1) Jonas can be the backup to Gortat, while davis and amir are better at pf
    2) Adrea doesn't fit with Toronto's defensive style as well as gortat would
    3) derozan can play sf and reddick would be at sg
    4)nash would be able to teach bayless (whos a good scorer not passer) how to be better at passing

    1. Andrea does fit with Toronto's defensive style of play. The only reason you don't see that is cuz you don't watch the Raptors. Andrea has only played a few games this year and in those few games, his defense is probably the biggest improvement ever! Like most people say, defense is not a skill! You have to have the want and will to play defense.

    2. I live in Toronto and go to most games, so I see them a lot. Also I said he wouldn't fit in as well as gortat would. Gortat is a very underrated player, and would fit in very well in Toronto, certainly better than Andrea does.

    3. we dont need gortat at all. jonas is coming over and it is a horrible trade. reddick cannot play defense and the raptors are not in a rush to make the playoffs. this trade will ruin the raptors future

  10. I highly doubt Nash is going to finish out his career as a Raptor. If this trade were made he would be gone this summer. I don't see them trading away their two best players for this scenario.

  11. That's a good point, but Nash may like to finish on a Canadian team because he's Canadian, and the raptors actually could be a very good team in 2013 if they did this trade.

  12. I think this trade is too lopsided against the Raps. Derozan doesn't have the strength to guard the 3, and Nash's age just doesn't fit the Raps rebuilding mode. Bargs is worth more than Gortat, although I do agree with him being underrated. The Raps are well set for next year with Jonas and Bargs, with Davis as 3rd big. Unless a bevy of picks came along with this, I can't see the Raps pulling the trigger.

  13. how the hell is this trade remotely good why would the lakers want three centers... they need a friggin point guard...

  14. lol this writer is a serious joke!

  15. I actually like this trade, although I can't see the raps giving away bargs and Calderon
    This trade would be sick for the lakers though cuz bargs and Howard is better than gasoline and bynum

  16. This trade makes no sense for the Suns. Three reasons: 1. The Suns don't get younger at all. They clearly need to rebuild and this trade makes no progress in that regard. 2. They don't get better. Pau is a great post scorer and nba big in general. Would he be so good that he fills the void Nash would leave. Maybe he keeps them as good, but he doesn't improve them. 3. The Suns alienate their fans! If the Suns did trade Nash (they say they won't unless he asks), they wouldn't dump him on a nonplayoff team. Their fans would hate them. At this point, I imagine Suns fans are more Nash fans than Suns fans.