Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Greatest Dunk Ever That No One Has Seen

Last week I posted about the D-league dunk competition, and how it was better than the NBA dunk contest. I posted a video of the best dunks of the D-league dunk competition. The video left out the final winning dunk, which was the greatest dunk I have ever seen and I have no doubt that others will feel the same way. On this Friday February 24th Kevin Dobbs did something no one had ever attempted, and no one had ever come near completing. Dobbs decided to take three dunks that could win a dunk contest, and put them together into one. He did the Cedric Cebalos blindfold dunk, the Vince Carter through the legs dunk, and the Paul George dunk over two people, except he did it over three... Kevin Dobbs couldn't see, but yet could still jump over three people, take the ball from one of their hands, put it through his legs then dunk it. Oh and Kevin Dobbs is just 6 foot 3!!! The NBA players at this event were absolutely stunned by this incredible and never seen before dunk. This was no doubt the best dunk EVER.

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