Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jeremy Lin Was Going to be Traded to the Raptors

Reports from the Toronto Sun say that The New York Knicks were about to trade Jeremy Lin. The Raptors would recieve Lin, and Anthony Carter, 36 year old point guard averaging 2 points per game would be sent to the Knicks. Lin only would have been eligible to be traded on March 1st, due to when he was picked up on waivers, so the trade likely would have been done then. The Knicks likely decided that before they trade him he should get some real playing time so they could see just how good he is. His first big game was against Nets, which ended up being his breakout game. Exactly a week after the Raptors and Knicks were discussing a Lin trade, Lin hit the game winning shot to get the Knicks a win over the Raptors. That has been the best moment of Lin's season, and in my opinion the best moment in the NBA thus far. Just to make a little worse for the Raptors, the player they almost traded away for Lin, Anthony Carter, has been put on waivers since this trade almost happened.

If Lin was traded to the Raptors he definately would have gotten playing time, and most likely would have found stardom north of the border. Looking back this could have been one of the most one sided trades in NBA history. "We knew one thing about him after bringing (Lin) in," said Bryan Colangelo (Raptors GM). "We knew he was one tough kid. He took one of the hardest hits I've ever seen on a court and one of the toughest falls. He got hit from behind, crashed to the floor, eventually got up. We didn't think he'd get up, to be honest. And he shook it off and continued the workout."
"We were extremely impressed by that."


  1. 4. Ryan Higa is not his real cousin. Jeremy is from California with Taiwanese descent and Ryan is from Hawaii with Japanese descent

  2. Write about something other than Jeremy Lin. He's so last week.

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