Thursday, 23 February 2012

Shumperts Dunk That Would Have Won the Dunk Contest

Iman Shumpert won't participate in the dunk competition due to a left knee injury, and it is truly a shame. During Jeremy Lin's press conference during All-Star Weekend he spoke about the dunk Shumpert was planning on doing during the Dunk Contest.Shumpert was going to do a windmill dunk over Lin lying down on teamate Landry Field's couch. Lin was going to throw the alley-oop from the couch to Shumpert, and after the dunk Shumpert was going to sit on the couch and Fields was going to hand him a Sprite (the sponsor of the contest). The three Knicks players were going to sit drinking some Sprite while the crowd went crazy. This dunk would be taking part of what making made Lin so famous, and using it in a memorable dunk. The couch obviously symbolizes how nights before Linsanity began Jeremy Lin's had been sleeping on either his brothers couch or Landry Field's couch. If Shumpert hadn't gotten injured, this could have been one of the most memorable, and funny dunks ever. Lin has become a worldwide sensation, and using his great story for a memorable dunk would have been amazing. Because we won't be able to see Jeremy Lin and Shumpert putting a great dunk together, here's  a video of Lin doing the Dougie. 

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